Lori Hauswirth, BCC
Christian Coach
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Have you found yourself believing lies for so long that you cannot even recognize them 
for what they are?
Even worse, do you not even believe the truth 
when you hear it?
When did the lies begin and the truth end?
It may be time to rewrite the script that you
tell yourself, have been telling yourself for too long.
Now is the time to make a change that will
turn your world right-side-up
where it was always meant to be.

TLC Tools is a 10-12 week class developed by Lori to meet an overwhelming need in our lives for tools that bring practical application of God's Word for developing character, emotional regulation, and the transformational process of renewing the mind to TRUTH. Having worked with women for more than 17 years individually and in the small group setting Lori has extensive experience in providing tools for emotional maturity and increasing EQ (Emotional Intelligence). This class will help you gain tools for all your most important relationships. 
These tools are for women and (and men) of all ages and stages of life. These tools are founded on sound Biblical principals as well as neuroscience of the brain 
and will last a lifetime.

New Tools for Living Courageously classes starting January 18, 2024
Thurs mornings 9:30-Noon
In person in Winston Salem, NC


January 2024
Online class to begin Wednesdays
Time to be determined...

Call, Text, or Email
To enroll

Limited to 8 Women,

Ages 18-81

Cost: $225 for 10-12 weeks



or 760-550-0567

The focus will be on Tools that will help you:

* Use logic and reason to battle overwhelming emotions

*Identify unhealthy patterns in relationships and change them

*Uncover Lies, Replace with TRUTH!

*Manage your emotions in stressful situations

*Combat overwhelming anxiety

*Understand healthy boundaries and assertive loving behavior  *Learn key elements of healthy relationships

*Get a new perspective on what our bodies were created for


This class can be taught in a group setting or one-on-one.

Each week there will be a check in to see how the

participants have implemented what was learned the week before. Then a teaching on a new subject with a

tool/concept to learn and practice. The homework

will be to DO IT during the week.


                     Small groups for all ages:

                         are 8-10 participants

                  For 10-12 weeks, Cost: $225

         Includes Tools for Living Courageously

                          book with Tool Box.

               Group intensives and Facilitator

       Training also available for past participants


                     For individuals: cost is $850 

         This will include the book and materials

          and 8 sessions of about 1 1/4-1 1/2 hours each


                  Call Lori for more information.

                               at 760-550-0567