Lori Hauswirth, BCC

Christian Coach
If you have any questions, comments or would like to sign up for any of these workshops please contact me:
or at 760-550-0567

TLC Tools is an 8 week class developed by Lori to meet

an overwhelming need for all generations to have real hands

on tools that can be used to help navigate our emotions with

our most important relationships.


For more information see TLC Tools Classes Page




Life Commandments Class

This is a 7 week "workshop" that will address Life

Commandments, Erickson's Early Emotional Development

Needs, Dealing with Emotions, and ways we communicate.

This workshop requires your full participation with mandatory

make ups for the first 3 sessions. This class is offered after Tools

For Living Courageously.

You will learn how to break a faulty Life Commandment
such as; "Children should be seen and not heard," "I'm not

enough as I am," "nobody cares,"  "My feelings don't matter,"

etc.These could be lies you have believed that can interfere

with healthy relationships and the ability to live in the truth

of who you really are.

You will also learn how to deal with emotions effectively

and the consequences to yourself and others of stuffing your

negative emotions. We will then investigate Erickson's Life

Span to find areas in your life that could be holding you

back from becoming all God intended you to be.

Last we will learn about communication styles. Are you Audio,

Visual, or Kinesthetic? How can you match the communication

cues of others, or how can two people talk two very different

"languages" and never seem to connect? 

This workshop is a great way to experience Lori's Coaching

skills at a reduced rate in a group experience. It is eye-opening,

insightful, and inspiring. It can help you live free from the

strongholds that have held you back from your full potential

as a child of God.

Prerequisite: Tools for Living Courageously or other Skills class.


 This class size limited to 5-7 women.
 The cost for this workshop is $225

    Classes will be in person

         In Winston-Salem, NC      


Freedom from Shame + Forgiveness:

Do you struggle with shame? Is a deeper dive into an area that has had a foothold in your life. This 5-6 week workshop is a great addition to your tool belt. Recommended after both the TLC Tools and Life Commandments Classes.

This class is limited to 3-4 women
Cost is $225 for 5-6 weeks

New classes Spring/Summer 2024

Freedom from Shame + Forgiveness: is 5-6 weeks - small group of 3-4 participants: $225 includes all materials



      "We are ultimately responsible for what we do

                   with our injured immature souls."

Boundaries is 14 weeks, Class size is 8-10 women,
and cost is $300. Call Lori today for availability
and times.

We will use Dr.'s John Townsend and Henry Cloud's

Book entitled "Boundaries" 2017 Edition as the

curriculum which will be provided.

Class will also include many other resources, tools, and

handouts created and compiled by Lori to enhance the

learning process creating a real hands on life changing

experience for you.



                     **UPCOMING WINTER 2024 CLASS!

Cost is $300 for 14 Weeks

Includes book + Materials

          Call or email today if you'd like to be participate

                              This Class will fill quickly!