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Christian Coach

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My new line of "I am ________"

Jewelry Designs!

I am so excited to have these beautiful physical representations of
the TRUTH of who you are!

I am sharing this post from a dear
friend that so eloquently explains what these beautiful
pieces of jewelry represent. Thank you Paloma!

At the start of the year I posted about my phrase for 2018, which is “worth it”, as a reminder that I am worth it, that the hard work is worth it, that the refining we go through in life is worth it. And sweet Lori Hauswirth saw that post and was moved to create a piece of jewelry for me from her TLC creations “I am” series. Last week I got to choose what I loved most, and watch as she lovingly hammered the letters into the back of the pendant, and lined it in ink so the letters really stand out. What I especially love about the pieces she creates, is that each pendant is made out of metallic clay- which is moldable and imprinted by hand, then fired in a kiln where all of the impurities are baked out until all that’s left is the metal. Talk about a refiner’s fire, right? The symbolism and meaning certainly wasn’t lost on me, and I was so touched that she wanted to gift this beautiful piece to me as a wearable reminder that I am "worth it." And not because of anything I bring to the table (or don’t), but because the One who created me deemed me worth it in the most generous way. Thank you so much, Lori! I’m so blessed by this piece, and your heart! ❤️✨ By Paloma Ynda-Ramsey

What Truth would you like to wear? To Believe? To Know?

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