Lori Hauswirth, BCC

Christian Life Coach

I grew up in Encinitas, CA during the 60's and 70's. The photo above shows what it looked like during my early years. Born in Pasadena and moving here at age 8 was a drastic change for the better for me and our family.

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Times of crisis are the Best Opportunities for Discovering Ourselves, our Gifts, and our Callings                    

I have found that it is during times of crisis that we have the most potential for discovering ourselves. I believe God creates the “perfect storm” in each of our lives to bring about the changes He desires. Until the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of change, we will remain the same.  It is during these storms that we can discover where we have come from and how our past experiences have affected our relationships, our present circumstances, and thus our future. We have the potential to discover who we are, what it is we want, and what we were meant to do if we choose to take the courage in the midst of fear and uncertainty and dare to change.


The storm is different for each person. It is perfectly orchestrated to bring about God’s plan for our lives if we will allow it. What I have learned is that it is in the midst of our storms when we have only God to cling to that He will to show us our potential, our calling, and our purpose.

                        About Lori

My “storm” came in the fall of 2005. It was shortly after my family moved into our “dream home” while it was still in the construction process. Our two daughters had just graduated from 10 years of homeschooling, thus ending my role as “homeschool mom” and “mom.”

While trying to live in the chaos of construction I was severely depressed and struggling with my teenage daughter and her depression. I was also nearing my 50th birthday (and all that entails). I was suffering with extreme anxiety, panic attacks, depression and an identity crisis. I had no idea that anything I was experiencing was connected to my past.


What I discovered was that my past experiences of abuse and shame had affected every aspect of my present family, my reactions to family members and how I dealt with conflict in most of my relationships; My relationship as wife, mother, friend, sister, and daughter were all affected and I did not even realize there was a problem…me.


I believe it is the accumulation of all my life experiences and the healing power of the Lord God Almighty in my life that I have anything at all to offer as a coach. Beth Moore said it best in her study of Esther; “You cannot amputate your history from your destiny, your history is a part of who you will become.” I tried to live my adult years as if my past did not affect me. It did. The abuse and rejection I suffered as a child caused the feelings of inferiority and shame I carried into my adult relationships. This process of recognizing, grieving, and healing the experiences of my past and replacing the lies rooted in my wounds with the reality and truth of what God says about me has equipped me to now help others find the same freedom.

There is no greater joy for me than to sit with a woman, with a group of women or with a teen and to see them come to those a-ha moments, when the light bulb goes on and they can make a connection, see the truth and choose to move forward. They are then able to move from the shame and lies they have believed about themselves or others and into the truth.

It takes true courage to keep walking forward regardless of the mistakes we make. Mistakes are for our benefit if we will learn from them.  I made plenty of mistakes along the way, the difference was I was able to recognize, take responsibility, and learn from them and be honest with myself and with those I loved and cared about.  I learned how to not take myself so seriously and to find humor in my mistakes and shortcomings.  I learned how to be vulnerable. Brené Brown calls vulnerability “…not weakness, but pure courage, emotional risk, our most accurate measurement of courage. Vulnerability is the birthplace of creativity, innovation, and change.”  If we are vulnerable it gives others permission to be vulnerable as well.



                                WHAT I DO:


Much of what I have learned was through God and His Word, the journey into my past through Life Skills, and the many, many women the Lord has put in my path along the way to give me examples of compassion, empathy, and courage.

What I learned is that we are all the same in what we want; to love, to be loved and to belong.  It is only by allowing ourselves to be open and vulnerable that this is possible. We can only know as much of ourselves as we are willing to share with others.

I received my Life Coach Certification and training through Life Purpose Institute in the Fall of 2011 and became a Board Certified Coach in early 2012. Now as a Christian Life Coach and Mentor I use many of my own experiences and the processes I have learned along the way. I am able to help women both individually and in small groups as well as couples and teens learn how to replace negative or destructive thinking patterns.  These patterns interfere with the ability to move forward in life and healthy relationships. Once we are believing the truth and living out of who we really are as children of the Most High God then the possibilities are endless to do the things we were meant to do and to live the abundant life God has planned for us.